ILMSA Board of Directors

The current ILMSA Board of Directors is listed below.  If you are interested in volunteering with a committee, please send email to the committee chair, or to chair AT ilmsa DOT com. E-mail addresses on this page now adhere to the USMS email standard to prevent address harvesting. To e-mail an individual at a listed address, remove all spaces, replace AT with @, and replace DOTs with periods. Committee descriptions are also listed where available.
If you are interested in learning about our meetings - we have monthly calls and the details are listed here.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is the highest level decision-making body of the organization, and is made up of the following positions:

President (term concludes 2019-05-31) 

Heidi Kafka
2256 W. Berwyn Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
chair AT ilmsa DOT com

Vice President (term concludes 2018-05-31)

Tracy Lord
vp AT ilmsa DOT com

Secretary (term concludes 2019-05-31)

Marissa Fillippo
secretary AT ilmsa DOT com

Treasurer (term concludes 2018-5-31)

Phil Dodson
treasurer AT ilmsa DOT com​

Phil Dodson
815 Linden Ave
Wilmette, IL 60091

Registrar (Appointed)

Barbara Delanois
PO Box 344
Danville, IL 61834-0344
registrar AT ilmsa DOT com


The rest of the Board of Directors (BOD) serve as chairs of the various committees as described below.  The various BOD Chairs are appointed by the EC.

Immediate Past President (non-voting, ex-officio)

Heather Howland
pastpresident2015 AT ilmsa DOT com 

Finance Committee

The finance committee maintains the financial records of the organization. This committee always contains a CPA who assists the Treasurer with the filing of tax returns and associated items. The Finance Committee is also responsible for the ILMSA operating budget.

Chair: David Sims
finance AT ilmsa DOT com

Committee Members: Phil Dodson (EC Rep), TBA

Officials Committee

The Officials' Committee promotes and coordnates officials' clinics,maintains a current roster of officials, and ensures safety is maintained at ALL LMSC events.

Chair: Ed Stanc
​email: officials AT ilmsa DOT com

Committee Members: TBA

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee promotes and coordinates safety clinics,maintains a current roster of events, and ensures safety is maintained at ALL LMSC events.

Chair: Ed Stanc
email: safety AT ilmsa DOT com

Records and Tabulation Committee

The R&T Committee establishes and maintains standardized processes of recording and verifying times. This committee is responsible for submitting those times to USMS and to the Great Lakes Zone Recorder. This committee also publishes the LMSC records and the Top Ten listing for each course.

Chair: Mike Abegg
results AT ilmsa DOT com
top10 AT ilmsa DOT com

Committee Members: TBA

Coaches Committee

The Coaches Committee maintains a roster of current coaches that register with the LMSC. This committee assists coaches with education and communication. Members of this committee submit relevant coaching articles for our newsletter and website.

Chair: Molly Hoover

Committee Members: Chris Colburn, MJ Gasik, Billy Cordero, Laurel Liberty

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for the ILMSA website and newsletter. This group makes determinations regarding web content, publicity, marketing, sponsorship, and consent.

Chair: Tracy Lord

Health/Fitness Committee

This group promotes and encourages adult swimming. They may sponsor events that are oriented to learning to swim, health and physical fitness.

Chair: AJ Block

Committee Members: Nadine Day, TBA

Competition Committee/Sanctions

This committee consists of the Sanctions Chair, an Officials representative, and Meet Directors. This committee assists and advises meet directors in the proper conduct of meets. They maintain sanction/recognition forms and pool measurements. The Championship Bid Committee is a subcommittee (task force) of this committee.

Sanctions Chair: Inge Clark
sanctions AT ilmsa DOT com

Committee Members: TBA

Championship Bid Committee Members: Heather Howland (EC Rep), Fred Pigott, Jennie Quill, Cindy Jones, Joe Magiera, Carrie Colburn, Phil Dodson

Long Distance Committee

This group promotes and coordinates the scheduling of all local open water events, and assists with the coordination of local and national postal events. This group is charged with improving the safety of open water swimming, and may sponsor open water clinics from time to time.

Chair: Andy Seibt
​openwater AT ilmsa DOT com

Committee Members: TBA, TBA

Registration Committee

This committee, chaired by the LMSC Registrar, administers and manages all registration activities. This group maintains a current listing of all registered clubs, teams, and swimmers.

Chair: Barbara Delanois

Committee Members: 

Recognition/Awards Committee

This group is responsible for working with other committees to develop and disburse appropriate awards as approved by the BOD.

Chair: Robert Zeitner
awards AT ilmsa DOT  com

Committee Members: